Radiation Therapy Review


Hello and welcome to the radiation therapy review web site! This is a free web site for radiation therapy students and dosimetrists. This site contains free board type questions in the form of brain teasers. These brain teasers also resemble real clinical issues you may face in the radiation therapy field. This site also contains free videos on various radiation therapy topics including some radiation therapy humor.

Enjoy the site!

Latest Content

Currently the site is in what I call "maintenance mode". This site will remain available free and to the public for as long as I hold the domain. I have no plans what so ever of shutting rt-review.com down. Too many people have helped me along the way and I made a promise this site would be free and available to students for as long as I was in charge of this project! Although I will not add new content to this site, I will update any errors people run across. So please email me if you see any errors.

You may be asking, why is Adam not adding content to this site any more? Well, I have been involved with a huge project to bring about even more realistic board type questions for radiation therapy students. All of my time has been dedicated to this massive project. Due to the scope of the project, and overhead costs, this project has become a paid subscription. If you would like additional information, or are interested in checking out the site, please check out radformation.com. Please note, this will take you to another website.